A shirt is perhaps the most worn items in any (gentle)man’s wardrobe but, curiously enough, often leaves much to be desired on several fronts.

First of all, many shirts are cut too short and thus become untucked when subjected to active lifestyles. Furthermore, they are often made from inferior materials leading to disagreeable sensations on the skin. Boxy cuts can create unwanted bulk and thereby create a look that is anything but refined.

To remedy these common shortcomings, all shirts from the Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo Collection are made only from the finest 100% Egyptian cotton. They feature a sophisticated, fitted cut with a slightly nipped waist and extra length, thus creating an elegant silhouette that is similar to one of a bespoke shirt.

All shirts come without breast pockets or plackets for the cleanest look possible. The shirts feature elegant spread collars that are slightly higher than usual, thereby ensuring that they look great both with and without a jacket, both with or without a tie. They come either with smart French cuffs (to be worn with cufflinks) or with an elegant double-button sport cuff. All shirts feature thick, real mother of pearl buttons.