The tailored jacket has been declared dead many times yet it still is, and will always remain, THE central item in the wardrobe of any civilized (gentle)man. A tailored jacket does not have to be formal, stiff and uncomfortable – on the contrary, a well-cut, artisanal jacket should feel like a second skin that can be worn equally well with jeans or chinos as well as matching trousers or even a waistcoat.


All jackets from Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo are designed and cut with extreme care to emulate the fit of a bespoke jacket. Wearing an Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo jackets will not only protect you against the elements but also add an immediate touch of elegance to your daily outfit.


All jackets are “Made in Italy” in small artisanal workshops in the South of Italy, using only the finest cloths available, including flannels from Vitale Barberis Canonico, cashmeres from Loro Piana or tweeds from Lovat Mill Scotland. All jackets are designed and cut with high armholes for a bespoke fit and perfect freedom of movement, roped shoulders and a nipped waist for an elegant silhouette, and quarter – or half linings in contrasting silk for lightness and a contemporary touch. Artisanal touches include a half-/or full canvass construction, working button holes, working lapel hole with flower loop, real horn buttons, and perfect pattern matching.