About Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo

About Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo
Researching Alexander Kraft on Google or looking at his Instagram account, one might be forgiven to think that his life is one continuous, glamorous whirlwind: Constantly traveling the globe, flitting back and forth between his main base in Monte Carlo and secondary residences in Provence, Palm Beach, Paris and Berlin, collecting vintage watches, classic motorcars, antiques and art, being dressed by the world’s best tailors, and at the same time selling the world’s most glamorous homes via a network of 55 luxury real estate brokerages, operating a hotel-restaurant, producing music, writing books, and now launching his own sartorial menswear line… . Not surprisingly, many people ask: Who IS this guy – where does he come from, and how did he get where he is today ?
The distinguished Kraf(f)t family originally hails from Eastern Prussia, the German enclave in the North-Eastern part of Europe that had been a part of the German empire for many centuries. Before WWII, Kraft’s grandfather left the family homestead in Eastern Prussia to pursue his university studies in the capital Berlin, obtaining first a degree in pharmacy, then in medicine. Kraft’s father followed in his footsteps and became a renowned international specialist for viral and bacteriological diseases, founding and operating his own bio-medical enterprise in Germany.  

However, Alexander Kraft chose to not take over his family’s company but resolved to make a mark of his own. With the aim of entering the diplomatic service, he studied law at the universities of Gottingen (Germany), Berlin (Germany), Cambridge (England) and San Diego (USA), obtaining both the equivalent of a JD (“Erstes Juristisches Staatsexamen”) in Germany and an LL.M. (“Master of Laws”) in Intellectual Property law in the US. He subsequently passed the bar exam in the state of New York and has been admitted as an attorney-at-law to the Supreme Court of New York since 1998

While still pursuing his graduate studies in California, Kraft interned in 1997 at the Beverly Hills – branch of the renowned international auction house Sotheby’s, originally founded in 1744 in London, commuting once a week from San Diego to Los Angeles. His dedication and hard work did not go unnoticed by the Sotheby’s management, and after obtaining his graduate law degree, Kraft was hired on the spot by Sotheby’s as a management trainee. He first worked in a series of different departments (incl. wine, collectables, cars etc.) of the venerable auction house before eventually transferring to its real estate department, Sotheby’s International Realty. There, after only a few months, he rose to become its European Managing Director in 1998, at the young age of 26. In that capacity, he relocated from the US back to Europe, first to London and then to Munich, Germany, where he established the new European Headquarters of Sotheby’s International Realty. Between 1998 and 2004, Kraft single-handedly established and managed an international network of more than 60 affiliated and company – owned brokerages covering more than 20 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia.

In 2004, when Sotheby’s International Realty introduced a franchise model, Alexander Kraft acquired, at the age of 32, the exclusive license for the brand in the countries of France and Monaco, and has since then been the owner and CEO of Sotheby’s International Realty France – Monaco, headquartered in Monte Carlo. In that capacity, Kraft developed a refined business model which allowed him to establish and operate more than 50 brokerages with an annual sales volume of more than 1 billion Euros, making his company the leading network for the sale of high-end residential real estate in those countries.

In addition to this activity, Kraft is a musician and music producer who has written, produced and released several EDM singles (“The Reason”, “Save Me”, “Wake Up”) that have entered the European Dance Charts (incl. in France, Germany and Switzerland). He also wrote a bestselling reference book on luxury real estate, “Living in Luxury”, that has been published by various renowned publishers (incl.Thames & Hudson in London and New York) in English, German and Russian editions. Kraft also operates an eponymous luxury consultancy in Monaco, and is the owner of the boutique bar-restaurant - and luxury Bed &Breakfast, “La Maison Bleue”, in Provence.


Kraft is an internationally respected authority on classic men’s style and has been featured in hundreds of articles in the worldwide media, and is followed daily by more than 220.000 people on Instagram. He has cooperated in various ways with an impressive number of internationally renowned luxury brands including Tod’s, Ralph Lauren and Cifonelli. Kraft divides his time between his main base in Monte Carlo and secondary residences in Provence, Paris, Palm Beach, Berlin and is known as an avid collector of art, antiques, watches and vintage cars.

Especially on Instagram, Kraft is routinely asked where his impeccable outfits come from, where certain items can be bought etc. However, since many of Kraft’s outfits are bespoke creations together with the world’s leading tailors, cobblers and artisans, they tend to be priced out of reach for many of Kraft’s devoted fans. To remedy this situation, Kraft decided in 2019/2020 to finally realize his long- standing dream of creating his own menswear line. In doing so, Kraft was determined to offer extremely well-made, sartorial garments at the most affordable prices possible, thus making high-quality-garments accessible to a much larger clientele than ever before.

Kraft brought to this venture not only his proven skills as an entrepreneur and manager, but also enlisted his many contacts in the fashion industry to make his vision a reality. By forging strategic partnerships with the world’s most renowned cloth mills who share Kraft’s vision and were delighted to be associated with his new venture, employing carefully chosen family-owned workshops in Southern Italy for a traditional sartorial production, relying solely on online sales and – communication without a costly bricks-and-mortar-presence or traditional advertising, and finally heavily reduced profit margins, Kraft was able to offer his garments at prices that have been rarely, if ever, been seen at this quality level.

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